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Pràctiques remunerades al Regne Unit

Si estàs interessat a marxar al Regne Unit, East Malling Research t'ofereix l'oportunitat de realitzar-hi pràctiques remunerades i la possibilitat de millorar el teu anglès!

East Malling Research (EMR) is a science-based research organisation undertaking work within the fruit/horticulture/food sector. EMR began in 1913 and has been responsible for many advances in fruit culture which have been used extensively throughout the world. EMR became a commercial organisation in 2003 following independence from the public sector. EMR is enjoying rapid expansion with new scientists being employed on the site.

To meet the current and future requirements of EMR’s expanding science programmes the organisation needs to undertake a 6-month library-review project within the communications department.

The aims of the project will be to:
·    - Ascertain which existing books and journals held at current EMR Library are required by   EMR’s science tea.
·    - Investigate which of the required books and journals are available electronically via other sources.
·    - Devise and implement a catalogue system for the required books and journals on site.
·    - Organise the redistribution, sale or disposal of unwanted library sources.
·    - Launch a new EMR Library system for colleagues at the end of the project.
·    - Assist members of the communication team during busy periods.

EMR is looking for a suitable candidate to undertake the above project who will have the following skills and attributes:
·   - Working use of English language to B2 or above of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
·   - Ability to initiate, plan and undertake the project with suitable input and supervision from EMR staff.
·   - Knowledge of library systems and web-based information retrieval systems.
·   - Ability to work with minimum supervision as well as part of a team during development and implementation stages of the project.

This is an exciting opportunity for graduates, or under-graduates close to completing their studies, that wish to pursue a career in library management and improve their working knowledge of English. The work environment is informal and pleasant.

EMR hosts a wide range of visiting workers, post-graduate students and interns. We usually receive 3-6 Leonardo Interns every year as well as other international students. The six month project is to begin as early as possible 2014.

EMR financial assistance includes on site accommodation (worth £85/week) as well as a small stipend worth £110/month to be paid in cash.

Presentació de sol·licituds: Cal enviar el currículum en català i en anglès segons el model Europass (http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu) i el vostre expedient acadèmic al Responsable de Relacions Internacionals de la Facultat: Ángel Borrego (borrego@ub.edu). El termini s'acaba el dia 30 de gener de 2014.

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